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Keep your AED properly maintained
Sudden Cardiac Arrest is an urgent, life-threatning matter that requires immediate assistance and use of an Automated External Defibrillator to increase the odds of survivabilty. The first several minutes of care will determine the overall outcome of the situation and proper training can assist in these efforts. AED’s are capable of detecting heart arrhythmia and delivering a quick electrical shock to assist the victim in recovery. Firefighter Safe provides free consultations, installation packages and training opportunities to enhance your efforts. We are passionate about safety and dedicated to assisting clients increase their safety culture.


Automated External Defibrillators (AED) can be a lifesaving tool, but are useless if not maintained. An AED maintenance schedule is imperative to keeping your device functioning properly. Firefighter Safe’s AED service will insure you and your AED will be ready to save a life. Here’s what we do to get you Firefighter Safe:

  • Install your AED in a visible and unobstructed location
  • Verify the battery installation is correct
  • Check the status / service indicator light
  • Note the absence of the visual/ audio service alarm
  • Inspect exterior components and sockets for cracks
  • Clean exterior of unit
  • Check for and complete software updates
  • Confirm that you have two sets of sealed AED pads that have not expired
  • Keep accurate records and replace the AED battery as recommended for your particular device
  • Check and clean AED Cabinet
  • Fix any deficiencies found